GPS: Group of Post-graduate Students                

Department of Mechanical Engineering, IIT Delhi   

Weekly Research Seminar


Day: Every Wednesday

Time: 3:45pm onwards (about 1.5 hours)

Venue: ME Seminar Room (II-422)


The Ph. D research scholars of the department present their research work during 15 min slot on every Wednesday for the general awareness of all other students and faculty. Each Ph. D student MUST present at least once in a year, besides giving one SRC presentation in another semester to get SATISFACTORY grades in both the semesters.


Faculty members, particularly, the supervisors are KINDLY requested to listen to the presentations by their students in order to give useful feedback. Other faculty members are also SPECIALLY invited to listen to the seminars in order to provide suggestions which are expected not only to improve the quality of presentations but also the quality of the research by the students.



Brief guidelines of presentations


All students are encouraged to prepare good presentations in terms of not putting so many equations as there are students from other specializations who may understand that much in depth. In order to make the presentations more entertaining, one may put a lot of pictures, graphs, and even animations/videos in their slides. Audience is also encouraged to ask questions to make the sessions more lively, interacting and effective.

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Important Note:-

1. No change in slot is possible.

2. Only change possible is to swap your slot with another student with mutual consent. Both students should make a request by email to both student and faculty coordinators.

3. A student who misses his slot must take the SRC presentation for that semester

GPS Committee


·         Dr. Naresh V. Datla (Faculty Co-ordinator)

·         Mr. V.B. Satpathy (GPS Mentor)

Research Scholars :-


·         Dharmendra Jangra- (GPS Ph. D Student Coordinator)

·         Chinmaya Mishra- (ME_News_Chief_Editor)

·         Pradeep Kundu-  (GPS ME News Editor)

·         Abhinava Chatterjee- (Ex-GPS Ph. D Student Coordinator & Newsletter Chief Editor:-Jan 2016-August 2017) *Currently GPS advisor

·         Arun Unnikrishnan- (Ex-Seminar Coordinator:-Jan 2016-July 2017)

·         Amit-                  (Ex-Mailing Incharge:-Jan 2017-July 2017)

·         Jaswant Hirwani    (Ex-Mailing Incharge:-November 2016-Jan 2017)


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