Prof. Tapan K. Chaudhuri Laboratory

Current Lab Members

Ankit Pal

Ankit Pal

CSIR Fellow, M.Sc. Biotechnology

Bakul Piplani

Bakul Piplani

CSIR Fellow, Biotechnology

Devanshu Mehta

Devanshu Mehta

GATE Fellow, Biotechnology

Gagandeep Singh Khurana

Gagandeep Singh Khurana

DBT fellow, M.Sc. Biotechnology

Karthik Kumar Gowrishetty

Karthik K. Gowrishetty

GATE fellow, Biotechnology

Pragati Vishwakarma

Pragati Vishwakarma

CSIR fellow, M.Sc. Biochemistry

Sheetal Bandhu

Dr. Sheetal Bandhu

Post Doctoral Fellow


Dr. Sarangthem Vijaya Devi


Vishal Srivastava class=

Vishal Srivastava

CSIR Fellow, M.Sc. Microbiology

Previous Lab Members

Aditi Maheshwari

Dr. Aditi Maheshwari (M.Sc.Biotech, 2008)

Present: Process Scientist Novartis Switzerland

Ashima Sharma

Dr. Ashima Sharma
(Ph.D.: 2012-18)

Present:Research Associate at ICGEB, New Delhi.

Ashish Sharma

Dr. Ashish Sharma
(Ph.D.: 2011-17)

Present:Post Doc. at The Catholic University of America, USA.

Ashutosh Pastor

Dr. Ashutosh Pastor
(Ph.D.: 2009-16)

Present: Manager, DBT-BIRAC Bio-Incubation Facility, FITT, IIT Delhi.

Mhd. Asif Shah class=

Dr. Mhd. Asif Shah
(Ph.D.: 2003-10)

Present:Lecturer,Dept. of Biochemistry, University of Kashmir.

alt name

Dr. Bhaskar K. Chatterjee
(Ph.D: 2011-2018)

Present:Post Doc. at University of Michigan, USA.

Dr. Gayathri R.
(Ph.D.: 2007-14)

Present:Process Scientist, Reddy pharmaceuticals, Hyderabad.

Mhd. Javed Equbal

Dr. Mhd. Javed Equbal

Present:Asst. Professor,Texas A&M University, Texas, USA.

Megha Goyal

Dr. Megha Goyal
(Ph.D.: 2008-16)

Present:Scientist, Aurigene Discovery Technologies,Bengaluru.

Neha Jain

Dr. Neha Jain
(Degree: 2010-16)

Present:Post Doc. at Kings's college, London UK.

Dr. Parul Guptae

Dr. Parul Gupta
(Ph.D.: 2003-08)

Present:Research Scientist in Pharmaceutical Industry.

Sarita Puri

Dr. Sarita Puri
(Ph.D.: 2013-18)

Present:Post Doc. at Academia Sinica, Taiwan

Shikha Taneja

Dr. Shikha Taneja
(DST Women Scientist: 2015-18)

Present:Programme Manager, National Biopharma Mission, BIRAC DBT

Subhankar Paul

Dr. Subhankar Paul
(Ph.D.: 2003-07)

Present:Associate Professor, National Institute of Technology, Rourkela

Shivam Mishra

Shivam Mishra
(JRF: 2016-17)

Present:Investigator, National Institute for Research in Tuberculosis, Chennai

vinay dahiya

Dr. Vinay Dahiya
(Ph.D.: 2008-14)

Present:Humboldt Post-Doc. in Prof. Johannes Buchner’s Lab, University of Munich, Germany

Dr. Vipul Kumar
(Ph.D.: 2013-18)

Present:Post Doc. Martin-Luther-Universität Halle- Wittenberg, GermanyUniversität Halle- Wittenberg, Germany.

Project Students:

A- M.Sc. Project Students

  1. 1- Fawaz S. V. P. (Entry No. 2012CYS7220)
    Department of Chemistry, IIT Delhi.
    Duration: 1/06/2013 to 12/05/2014.

  2. 2- Sourav Giri (Entry No. 2014CYS7047)
    Department of Chemistry, IIT Delhi.
    Duration: 1/06/2015 to 12/05/2016.

  3. 3- Shivam Mishra
    Dr. R. M. L Avadh University, Faizabad U. P.-224001.
    Duration: 1/01/2016 to 1/07/2016.

  4. 3- Priya Yadav
    IISER Bhopal
    Duration: 1/03/2017 to 1/06/2017.

A- Project Students

  1. 1- Mr. Pravin Kumar. (Entry No. 1999426)
    Completed: 2003.
    Project Title: Study of GroEL-GroES mediated in vitro and in vivo solubilization of Aconitase by Biochemical and spectroscopic methods.

  2. 2- Mr. Chanpreet Singh. (Entry no. 1999014)
    Completed: 2003.
    Project Title: ChaperoneAssisted folding study of E.coli maltodextrin Glucosidase.

  3. 3- Mr. K.V.S.N Bhasker (Entry No. 1999420)
    Completed: 2003.
    Project Title: Computational Analysis of Rigid Protein Docking using Continuum Electrostatics and Geometric fit.

  4. 4- Ms. Nidhi Srivastava. (Entry no. 2000352)
    Completed: 2004.
    Project Title: Protein Engineering approach of understanding the role of different part of a protein molecule in substrate recognition and enzyme activity.

  5. 5- Mr. Asif Zubair
    Completed: 2004.
    Project Title: Prediction of 3D structure of Maltodextrin glucosidase from amino acid sequence and validation through experimental findings.

  6. 6- Ms. Atika Jain (Entry no. 2003JCA0021)
    Completed: 2005. (Supervised jointly with Dr. Lipika De, Department of Mathematics,IIT Delhi.)
    Project Title: Soft Computing Techniques for Solving Bioinformatics Problem

  7. 7- Mr. Rajat Mangla. (Entry No. 2000438) and Mr. Vipul Goel ( Entry no.2000445)
    Completed: 2005. (Supervised jointly with Dr. Lipika De, Department of Mathematics,IIT Delhi.)
    Project Title: Soft Computing Techniques for Biological Sequence Analysis

  8. 8- Mr. Saurabh Singhal ( Entry No.2001395)
    Completed: 2005.
    Project Title: Overproduction of Recombinant Proteins and Molecular Chaperones in Escherichia coli. and role of molecular chaperones in the folding of recombinant Proteins.

  9. 9- Mr. Shikhar Sharma (Entry no. 2001396)
    Completed: 2005.
    Project Title: Understanding the role of N-terminal region of Maltodextrin glucosidase in expression, folding and physico-chemical properties.

  10. 10- Ms. Ruchi Agarwal
    Completed: 2006.
    Project Title: In vitro protein folding-unfolding monitored by surface hydrophobicity using surface specific Fluorescent probes.

  11. 11- Ms. Nishtha Aggarwal
    Completed: 2007.
    Project Title: Studying the characteristic properties of Escherichia coli. cells during in vivo chaperone assisted folding of recombinant proteins.

  12. 12- Ms. Vatsala Datta
    Completed: 2007.
    Project Title: Expression of recombinant foldase chaperones in Escherichia coli. and studying their role in the folding of recombinant proteins like maltodextrin glucosidase/malate synthase G or single chain antibody.

  13. 13- Mr. Jai Mittal (Entry No.2004BB50012)
    Completed: 2009.
    Project Title: Over-expression, Purification and unfolding/refolding of Escherichia coli. Dihydrofolate Reductase.

  14. 14- Mr. Ankit Gupta (Entry No. 2004BB50004)
    Completed: 2009.
    Project Title: Fast kinetic study of E.coli Maltodextrin Glucosidase(MalZ) unfolding process using stopped Flow Fluorescence technique.

  15. 15- Mr. Ranjan Sri Das. (Entry No. 2004BB50027)
    Completed: 2009.
    Project Title: Exploring the possibilities of chaperone assisted folding of multiple recombinant proteins in Escherichia coli.