Vamsi Krishna Komarala

Solar Photovoltaics group

Department of Energy Science and Engineering

Indian Institute of Technology Delhi


Vamsi Krishna Komarala is a professor at the Department of Energy Science and Engineering, IIT Delhi. He received M. Sc. degree in Physics from the Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati, in 1996; M. Tech. degree in Energy Science and Technology from the Jadavpur University, Kolkata, in 1999; and Ph. D. on thin-film heterojunction solar cells from IIT Delhi, in 2004. He worked as a post-doctoral fellow in the School of Physics of Trinity College Dublin, Ireland for 3 years, and as a research associate at the Dept. of Physics, University of Arkansas, USA for 3 years on the topics; Quantum dots’ excitons and metal nanoparticles’ surface plasmons interaction, and Resonant energy transfer between excitons and plasmons for enhancing quantum dots’ photoluminescence efficiency.
After this experience, he is associated with IIT Delhi since 2010. His primary interest initially was on implementation of Plasmonics and Nanophotonics concepts for enhancing solar cell performance under 3rd generation solar cell concepts. Now, his present research interest is on silicon hetero-junction and carrier-selective contact solar cells fabrication and characterization. He has authored and co-authored around 66 articles in peer-reviewed international journals, and 13 papers in conference proceedings on the above-mentioned topics. He teaches Solar photovoltaic devices, and Direct energy conversion methods to inspire and to provide knowledge/understanding for the under-/post-graduate students.

Prof. Vamsi Krishna Komarala

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